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Roll Handling pallet truck also known as Warper beam pallet truck is ideal solution for handling rolls for floor transportation applications

Salient Features

• Slanted forks for roll resting area.
• Customized fork sizes as per roll diameter.
• Adjustable Speed Settings as per user convenience
• Dead Man Handle – Truck becomes in driving mode only in 45 degree handle position by operator apart from it truck is by default in braking condition for safety.
  • Step less Speed Control – Smooth driving experience with help of MOSFET controllers for speed variations
  • Battery Discharge Indicator with working hour meter


Model AVBPT2.5
Q Capacity Kg 2500
g Usable Fork Length mm Upto 2700 mm Length
f 2 Width Over Forks mm Customized as per roll Diameter
Minimum Height mm 90 mm
Lifting Height mm 110 mm
h 1 Raised Height mm 200 mm
Steering Wheels mm 250 x 75
Load Wheels mm 80 x 70
Drive Motor KW 1.2
Pump Motor KW 2.2
Surface Finish Epoxy Painted
Colour PO Red

Note – Customization of equipment as per application can be offered.

Type of Applications

• Textile Industry for handling warper beams